A glimpse of my hometown Dehradun.


3 days ago your_bae_alexi

Love you vikas! Going strong in bb

3 days ago bhawana_meghani

U r awesome man!! ❤❤

3 days ago aninditabhuyan22

@possitive_vibes_and_lifesaying  not crying dats has has ke akho se asu ane wala smiley

3 days ago chayaranisonowal

Love you Vikas...you have really good sharp brain..hats off to you man...you showed that game can be played without physical strength..stay strong...

3 days ago possitive_vibes_and_lifesaying

@aninditabhuyan22  like it 🤔🤔🤔

3 days ago shordy__tiana

Vikas has always won task due to his mind game, he is truly winner, he deserve to win, he doesn't assault or become violence and play game with his mind which ai mind blowing, love you vikas ❤️ ur true winner 🏆

3 days ago prashant333777

My fav...the most genuine along with hiten

3 days ago g.eorgexo

Please get a haircut and like take care of your appearance a bit more. I really like you as a person and contestant but I want you to look good aswell

3 days ago zeba.ashu

@lostboyjourney  mastermind 😍😍😍love yuuu💯✔️

3 days ago tejen_dave

@tejasswi_love  ok thanks for the information

3 days ago mairalamgariya

Hey... Dehradun is a Gd town...😄 M also from Ddun...😘 #lostboyjourney 

3 days ago annikettaigor


3 days ago nitu2468

@mairalamgariya  me too.

3 days ago iammahetabn

Love you and Arshi❤❤

2 days ago its.hayatx


2 days ago zainab.khan118

Killing it in the show!!!!!! Most intelligent, smartest contestant in the history of biggboss❤️❤️❤️ Good Job!!!! Vikas for the win! You only speak sense and you only speak with a reason!!! Amazing game play. Such fun watching you!! Rock on!!❤️ #Vikasforthewin  fave

2 days ago jashan_bhullar92

I love ur way of playing. Mastermind @lostboyjourney 

2 days ago vinishavasudevanpillai

kal ka episode dekhke toh maZa hi aa gaya loved how you changed the game

2 days ago jassi2036

Master mind 😍😍

2 days ago pixel_pleasure

Once again it proves, you don't need physical strength to win. Just one opportunity & @lostboyjourney  showed why he is the best . Enjoyed luv & vikas conversation .. Luv lost it completely.

2 days ago s.paradkar

Vikas jitne followers heena ke hai utane aapke hone chahiyeeee @lostboyjourney  lets follow him and make him win guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ he truly deserves it

2 days ago meenugoyal10

Vikas .... very well done... ((vikas gupta=mastermind )) 👍👍👌👏

2 days ago bhumolhamoo

Vikas mastermind .surely a winner of this season

2 days ago nehamehras

I love doon too!

2 days ago starlight_buy

@shradha__kapoor__fans  agree! Vikas is a cheater.. very disappointed.. vikas kyu fir baar baar luv ko bol raha thha sapna ko maarne ke liye? Coz voh yahi chhata thha ki sapna luv ko hate kare..!

2 days ago starlight_buy

@shweta.ss341  its her opinion.. why r u trying to be over smart?😊

2 days ago starlight_buy

@batth6319  ohhh haan tabhi jab 2nd week me Hina ne aarshi ko maaf kiya thha toh sabse pehele VIKAS hi bolne aaya thha ki tumne ussko itna easily maaf kese kar diya. Actual me yeh sab isska mind game hai.. yeh aarshi se paanga nahi lega toh yeh baacha rahe ga

2 days ago anamika.kashyap.9231


2 days ago chauhan_chandrashekhar

my fav. vikas gupta ..... i m also from dehradun ......... keep supporting him .😍

2 days ago heyimcutie1


2 days ago adarsh.chettri

Bhai thu Abhi BB Ghar Mai Haina?

2 days ago ridhi321

I am in luv wid him n his voice too..

2 days ago thakursapna174

Love you yr

2 days ago thakursapna174

I wanna meet wid you

2 days ago deleted.ffxx

You are the best ❤️

20 hours ago srishtinegi89

Dehradun is best

20 hours ago fazy4

Think your doing great in BB pls follow us watching from the UK👍🏻😘

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